The job market is picking up. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone looking for work – particularly in the IT branch. And at BSL, we currently have opportunities for software developers and marketing staff. But with so much choice in the IT field, how do you choose the right company? Do you go for a large, well-known organization, or a smaller company instead?

The Yin and Yan of well known names

A well-known name may look impressive on your CV, but you’re often just a number in a large organization. More often than not, you’ll be working on a single project, or you’ll be asked to focus on a single product or solution. Smaller companies may not be household names, but their very size means you’re given more attention. With more opportunities for personal development. A feeling of belonging, getting to know your colleagues, is an added bonus. And decision-making is usually far quicker in smaller companies. A word with your boss is sometimes all that’s needed to make progress. BSL is a great example of  ‘small is beautiful’. Every employee is an important part of the team. Each employee is given the opportunity to make the most of their potential. And if it’s well-known names you want on your CV, we have plenty of well-known names as clients!

How it all started

Some 25 years ago, Martyn Simpson first set up the software company BSL. Our success has been based on delivering high-quality software, on time and on budget. We design and develop innovative software applications for the web, tablets, smartphones and the desktop. Many well-known organizations have valued BSL’s approach and expertise over the years. ABN AMRO, ING and FD are just some of the companies that have chosen BSL to provide custom-made solutions.

BSL is located in a modern office in De Corridor, Breukelen, just off the A2 motorway. Only 10 minutes from Breukelen’s railway station. But it’s not just the location that’s great. Working for BSL gives you plenty of opportunity to use your skills, and to develop them further. But what else would you expect from the Bright Side of Life?

The BSL team

Who better to tell you why working for BSL is the right choice than BSL’s employees? We asked them a few questions, such as what’s your role at BSL, and how long have you been working here? What are your favorite memories? What makes working for BSL the right choice for you?

What makes working for BSL so enjoyable?

We’ll hear first from Diana, our Office Assistant. On 1 January 2017, she’ll have worked at BSL for 10 years.


Her favorite memories from the last 10 years

“There’s far more to BSL than just work, there are plenty of memorable moments to look back on. Our company trip to Istanbul for instance, an evening at Cirque de Soleil, the enjoyable Christmas meals, the film afternoons… there are far too many to mention!”

And why is working at BSL the right choice?

“BSL is a great informal company where I can be myself. With a modern, attractive office. A company where the right approach, and a desire to do that bit extra, is really valued!”

Diana Hazenberg

Office assistant

More – this time from Eric

Our veterans Marc (Graphic Designer), Eric (System Architect / Information Analyst) and Peter (Software Developer) have been part of the BSL team for 14 , 20 and 10 years respectively.

Read what Eric (already 20 years working for BSL) has to say about the company:


What are your favorite memories?

“Being part of a team that’s designed, developed and delivered major new production systems for companies such as ABN AMRO and NBD Biblion. And meeting HRH Princess Margriet during the launch of the NIOD’s World War II website, an image archive where I was responsible for much of the development.”

Eric is also a big fan of BSL’s company events:

“Sailing on the IJsselmeer, company trips to Istanbul and England. But also BSL’s traditional annual events, such as eating poffertjes in Breukelen and our Christmas dinners.”

What makes working at BSL the right choice?

“You’ll be involved in many different aspects of software development. You can contribute your own knowledge and ideas. You’ll be given responsibility for a large part of the software life cycle. And, if it’s what you interested in, there’s plenty of opportunity for direct contact with clients to discuss their projects. Not only with technical staff, but end-users too.”

Eric Wijnands

System Architect / Information Analyst

Is your future with BSL too?

Have you been convinced that your future can be brighter working for BSL? Then send us your CV, and let us know why you want to join the team. BSL looks forward to welcoming you as a new colleague!

Any questions?

Do you want to get an estimate for developing your custom software. Or advice on creating new websites, or integrating web applications with existing systems. We're happy to answer any questions you may have, no strings attached. Give us a call, or get in touch at!

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