Custom software is our passion! BSL designs and develops innovative software for the web, tablets, smartphones and the desktop. We work closely with clients to deliver exactly what they need, when they need it. And it doesn’t stop there. By keeping ahead of the very latest technological developments and trends, we build on success. We continually update our software solutions to make use of new technology, as well as to meet the needs of our clients as they evolve. The continued evolution of ABN AMRO’s Signature Registration System (SRS) is a good case in point.

Custom software: ABN AMRO’s SRS

For an international financial organization such as ABN AMRO, it’s always been vital that their employees can perform reliable, quick, and secure signature checks to authorize documents and processes. And in this age of global business, with personnel working throughout the world, these checks are even more important. BSL created a unique solution on their behalf: ABN AMRO SRS. This is custom software designed by BSL that uses Oracle to manage a central database containing personnel details, digital signatures, and Power of Attorney (POA) records for all their employees. Linked to the bank’s Human Resources software (HRM), it also provides local Chambers of Commerce with the reports and forms needed to register POAs on behalf of the bank.

We’ve been working closely with the ABN AMRO once more over recent months. Discussing new features, and changes that are required during 2016. Their infrastructure has evolved, and as part of this process SRS may migrate to the Cloud. We’ve also been discussing possible changes and improvements to the software and workflows.

Evolving solutions

Whenever we at BSL develop custom software solutions, we don’t just design an application to meet specific client needs at the start of a project. Our software must evolve along with the changing demands of the client’s business. And SRS is no exception. ABN AMRO has been successfully using SRS for many years. It’s long term success is in large part due to the ability of our engineers to respond to the bank’s changing requirements. In close cooperation with ABN AMRO, we designed and delivered an entirely new SRS web application in 2013. And at the end of 2015 BSL released a new version of SRS, introducing a range of features designed to match changes to the workflow within the bank.

Building on success, a new release

This process of evolution is still ongoing, as part of the ABN AMRO’s drive to increase efficiency. The main goal in 2016 is to reduce the amount of manual intervention, enhancing the workflow, and improving the business processes. We’ve worked together with ABN AMRO’s Central Power of Attorney office and Business/ICT Support team, creating a new business case, and a new technical design. A new release is planned for delivery later this year.

The planned release will reduce the number of manual activities carried out by bank personnel, and will ensure that POA data is continually updated:

Overview of the planned updates

  • the HRM system will be modified. It will automatically supply SRS with updated personnel data whenever information is required. Both for new employees, and for employees where changes are registered (job function, or address details). SRS will automatically process these changes – with little or no intervention from personnel.
  • personnel will be able to directly import digital signature scans using forms created as part of POA requests. Our new module will scan these forms, selecting the area containing staff signatures. The signatures will be extracted, cropped and stored automatically. Manual scanning and cropping will become a thing of the past.
  • SRS will keep track of any changes regarding POAs and automatically create the appropriate reports for the Chambers of Commerce. Personnel will no longer need to make manual reports/exports.
  • POAs requested by ABN AMRO personnel using a web form will be automatically processed in SRS, saving time.  This removes the need for manually transferring information from e-mails, reducing the potential for errors.

As well as incorporating improved HRM processing workflows, a number of interface improvements will be introduced. There will also be several changes made to the forms that are exchanged with the local Chamber of Commerce.

Global specifications and scoping for the new release have already been completed. We’re waiting for these specifications to be approved, and hope to start the software development during the summer.

A tried and tested formula

If you’d like to learn more about the many other custom solutions we’ve developed for our clients, take a look at our portfolio pages. Or if you’d like to find out how BSL’s successful combination of a passion for software, our flexible approach, and years of expertise can help you create your custom solution, then get in touch with the Bright Side of Life

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