The Literatuurplein website – developed by BSL – is one of the most popular websites in the Netherlands. There were more than 4 million Literatuurplein users in 2015, and it’s not hard to see why! Updated daily, the site contains everything you ever wanted to know about Dutch literature, providing extensive insights into all books published in the Netherlands – and their authors – and far more besides.

Combining rich content with technical know-how

BSL worked closely with to design and develop their Literatuurplein website, the largest and most popular website dedicated to Dutch literature. Our engineers and designers used their technical know-how and years of experience to create the underlying Literatuurplein database,  as well as a custom CMS  that is used to manage the often complex content. Our web developers created a modern, user-friendly website (in the housestyle) that now attracts more than 4 million Literatuurplein users each year.

Updated daily – using sources from NBD Biblion, CB and G!’s Literatuurplein database contains a wealth of information on all books that have been published in the Netherlands since 1980. There are now more than 700,000 different titles available – together with a wealth of extra content, including author profiles, reviews, articles, videos, interviews, and forthcoming radio/TV programs. This rich content is used to update hundreds of thousands of links on local and regional library websites each day, as well as our own Boekwijzer app that gives booklovers access to the latest literary news on their smartphones and tablets.

4 million Literatuurplein users – more than 21 million page views

Visitors to the Literatuurplein website viewed more than 21 million pages in 2015! When you take a look at just some of the content available, it’s not difficult to see why…

Around 3,500 news items can currently be found on Literatuurplein, with new articles added almost daily. Continual updates mean that visitors can quickly and easily find up-to-date news and information associated with titles, authors, and organizations involved in the literary world. Lovers of literature are kept informed about literary prizes in the Netherlands too, varying from major prizes such as the Libris Literatuur Prijs to the annual J.M.A. Biesheuvel prize awarded to the author voted to have written the best collection of short stories in the Dutch language.

Anyone looking for tips on recently published titles can find these in the carousel on the home page. If the accompanying description looks interesting, a single mouse click takes you to a detailed title page and biographical information about the author. Some 847 reviews of these and other recently published titles can be found as well, linked to the relevant books and authors in the database, together with extensive interviews with popular (and some less well-known) authors.

And there’s more – take for example the 128 videos with exclusive interviews, where authors discuss their most recent or important works. Or perhaps you’d like to find out about book-related events taking place in the Netherlands, or upcoming TV programs with a literary theme? Problem solved – simply take a look at Literatuurplein’s agenda, which contains details about some 150 literary-related events every week.

Literatuurplein has so much to offer anyone interested in literature – why not take a look for yourself!
Just like the other 4 million Literatuurplein users (booklovers) who visit the site each year!

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